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CHP Global Website Redesign

Website: CHP Global

Work Initiated: May 8, 2023

Project Completed: September 17, 2023

Client: CHPBD – A sustainable home furnishing company empowering women and people with disabilities in rural Bangladesh.

Client Background:

CHPBD has a commendable mission of producing sustainable, hand-woven, and machine-woven home furnishing products. Operating in rural Bangladesh, they provide job opportunities and have expanded their global presence with a strong customer base in Europe and the USA.


The client faced uncertainty regarding the redesign of their outdated website. The existing site was not functional, hindering its online presence. In a collaborative Zoom meeting, we discussed the vision for the new website – one that is highly professional, aesthetically pleasing, and SEO-focused. I presented ideas, and pinpointed issues in their current site, and we collectively reached a conclusive plan.


  • Design Excellence: Introduced a modern and visually appealing design to align with their brand ethos.
  • Functionality Revamp: Overhauled the entire website, addressing the functionality issues of the previous version.
  • SEO Optimization: Implemented strategies for improved search engine visibility, enhancing their online presence.

Project Journey:

  • Ideation and Planning: Collaborative discussions to outline goals, design preferences, and functionalities.
  • Design Presentation: Shared design concepts and highlighted issues with the existing site during the Zoom meeting.
  • Consensus and Kick-off: Reached a conclusive plan, and the project officially commenced.
  • Development: Meticulously developed the website, ensuring responsiveness and optimal user experience.
  • Testing: Rigorous testing to guarantee flawless functionality across devices and browsers.
  • Delivery and Launch: Delivered the final product, leading to a joyous website launch event.


The final delivery was met with immense satisfaction from the client, reflected in their enthusiasm to organize a website launch event. The redesigned website now runs seamlessly, aligning with CHPBD’s mission and contributing to its global success.

Client Testimonial:

“Working with Sk Moni was a transformative experience. The redesigned website perfectly captures our brand essence, and the seamless launch marked a new chapter in our online journey. Highly recommended for professionalism and creativity!”

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